Meet Harry Schenawolf

My interests in history have spanned my entire life starting in elementary school.  I could never have enough books and was particularly drawn to military history.  I absorbed everything I could get my hands on.  It has always been, and remains my passion.

Harry Schenawolf
Harry Schenawolf

I am a teacher of both public school and university.  Having lived and worked throughout the United States and abroad,  Vermont is my home.

I have studied Astrophysics at the University of Arizona.  My interests changed and I ended up receiving my Bachelors in music from  Montclair State University in music.  I moved to Vermont and taught high school.  Being around youth expanded my interests and I moved to San Francisco where I performed in many regional orchestras.  My musical interests continued and I began taking auditions, winning a position as Assistant Bassist with the Arkansas Symphony.  I also taught at the University of Arkansas and in the local public schools.

After a tenure of some years, I  earned my Masters of Education at Temple University in Philadelphia.  After graduation, I remained in the Philadelphia area, teaching music and performing on bass.   Thinking of returning to Vermont, I found a teaching position and also auditioned and won a position with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.  During those years, I taught summers in Latin America, including Honduras, and Veracruz, Mexico.  After several years as an adjunct professor at the University of Vermont, Middlebury College, SUNY Plattsburg and SUNY Potsdam, as well as teaching public school, I decided to pursue a doctorate.  Gaining a full fellowship at the University of Colorado, I moved to Boulder for my residency.  Since then I continue my studies part time while living in Vermont.

I accepted a two year position teaching at a Sixth Form College in Durham County, England.  During that time my wife  and I traveled extensively in the Isles and the Continent, where we visited many of the battle sites I had read about for years.  Returning to Vermont, I resumed my music teaching  and started writing historical essays and fiction.

During the many years of research, I’ve acquired an extensive library of history and historical fiction and have always dreamed of writing historical fiction myself. I began seriously pursuing that goal some years ago.  The Shades of Liberty series is an outgrowth of all the hours I spent in this endeavor.  It is a story that needs telling,  a time when countless souls dedicated all they had to pursue freedom…true freedom.  The incredible contribution African Americans made to the independence of this nation is a topic long overlooked by history books and society.  If I can in any small way help more people to be aware of their sacrifice, than all the time I put into this worthwhile project is fully justified.

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