My philosophy is to nourish the seeds of passion for music in our youth and give them the means to express their individualism and creative mind.  I use music to present a podium upon which a student’s self esteem matures and can be channeled toward all academic disciplines.

First and foremost I am a teacher.  I enhance my abilities as a music educator through personal study, musical compositions, research, and achieving the highest level of performance on my chosen instrument.

My classroom environment is emotionally exciting as I strive to emulate my own passionate involvement in the subject at hand.  In doing so, it is my desire that students will share in my excitement.  I exhibit a zeal in presenting topics using humor, drama (esp. when discussing history), lively descriptions, and instill an excitement in great musical compositions that thrive on human’s emotions; both strengths and frailties.

I use a learning centered style of teaching with an equal concern for the student as I do for my curriculum’s objectives.  I take into consideration the different learners and help students, no matter their ability or disability, to develop their individual goals while keeping an eye on the learning autonomy of the class as a whole.

Teaching is the reward of sharing the joy of inquisitive minds and the expressed excitement of students when they achieve their personal level best at that which they have pursued.  That is the true measurement of success for both educator and learner.